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An 8-part course on screenwriting

An 8-part course on screenwriting

As well as our Kindle edition available on Amazon, you can now instantly download a PDF version of the course for only £10.99 by clicking below.

The Scriptwriters Academy was developed from an idea that learning how to write for film should be accessible by anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

Our Kindle edition e-book offers everything from getting started: understanding performance writing, to completing your first script: A feature film.

Fully illustrated, this course offers detailed step-by-step chapters, useful resources and real insight from industry professionals. Complementing every chapter, is a practical exercise, and an opportunity for the reader to reflect on their progress at every stage.


But why does the book have a website?

Simple. We call this book a ‘course’ because we want the learning experience to be interactive. We have set up a social media community to enable readers to contact each other, as well as the author, to ask questions, share comments and offer insights from their own experience. You can find The Scriptwriters Academy on Facebook, Twitter and on Youtube, where we have a corresponding recap video for every chapter of the course, as well as a vlog for additional hints and tips.


The e-book course has eight detailed chapters on the following topics.

  1. Writing for Performance
  2. The Film Script
  3. Generating Ideas
  4. Creating Character
  5. Building the Story
  6. Structure: Creating Narrative
  7. From Treatment to Script
  8. Beyond the Page

Both the Kindle edition and the PDF download also have a bonus module on writing for corporate film and documentary. You can find a more detailed contents list by previewing the book on Amazon.

You can download the PDF version instantly, by clicking the download button below. A new window will open in PayPal. Once the payment is confirmed, you will be directed to the PDF instantly.

For more information, please visit our social media sites, or contact the author here: mel@thescriptwritersacademy.com

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